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Daddy Dreadful Review – Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest (2013)

I loved the Curious George books as a young kid, attracted as I was to the illustrations and the bold yellow which swathed the covers. It wasn’t until my son came along that I saw the troublesome monkey in any other media, and thus far the animated features celebrating the seasons are what we’ve watched. Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest (2013) served as a great introduction to the Halloween season for my son – it’s got pumpkins galore, music, the legend of a hat-kicking scarecrow named No Noggin, and a celebration of “boo” scares.

There was nothing that frightened my son though the movie definitely left an impression. He enjoyed jumping around yelling “boo!” afterward and mentioned “No Noggin” each time we put on our hats. The story is appropriate for preschoolers and, being under an hour, doesn’t outstay its welcome for the adults.

Recommended Age: 3+
Final Thought: Recommended for the preschool crowd.