Yesterday afternoon I received a message from Marknado of The HorrorCast podcast asking if I would be willing and available to fill in as a guest co-host that evening. I had been communicating with the show’s hosts over the past few months and the idea had been mentioned, but the timing here was totally unexpected. Of course, Marknado apologized for the short notice and kindly emphasized that I was under no pressure, and if I accepted it would mean watching two movies back-to-back and downloading and learning Skype within a four hour period. Luckily he caught me on a rare day when I had no other pressing obligations, and I decided to hell with it, I’ll give it a try, and my supportive wife quickly taught me Skype and allowed me to hide in our bedroom to binge-watch horror movies while hurriedly taking haphazard notes on a tiny note pad while she made dinner and took care of our son. Every geek should be so fortunate. I finished the second film with mere minutes to spare and found Marknado and HorrorGal Susan patiently waiting for me on Skype.

My preferred medium when it comes discussing horror has always been the written word – hence the blog – and I wasn’t sure how I would take to podcasting, but both of the hosts were gracious and instantly made me feel comfortable and confident as the recording began and the discussions flowed easily. I thank them both for the fun, rewarding opportunity and hope that we can find the time for more of the same in the future.

The HorrorCast is a great show that usually also features co-host Walshy, who was unable to record that night, and is one of the few family friendly horror podcasts that I can listen to in the car with my son present, which is of no small value to me. Their regular format is to review an older film, which they reserve the right to spoil, and a newer film, the discussion of which remains spoiler free.

In Episode 7 we review two films: 1981’s Just Before Dawn and 2014’s Clown. Marknado and HorrorGal Susan also interview director Chad Archibald of the upcoming horror release, Bite. To hear the episode, download it on iTunes or listen to it on Stitcher or Podomatic.