Movie Review – To Catch a Virgin Ghost (2004)

To Catch a Virgin Ghost (2004) is the international release name of the Korean horror-comedy Sisily 2 km and is the directorial debut of Shin Jung-won. The film is about a gangster in search of stolen diamonds at a farming commune, one that also appears to be haunted by a ghost. It attempts the melding of horror with the gangster genre to mixed success. A lot of the humor is found in the morbid situations the characters find themselves in and the script tries to turn horror conventions on their head, particularly the prevalent and overused J-horror ghost girl whose pale skin and stringy black hair have become readily recognizable tropes.

The movie is a lot of fun with some genuinely funny scenes, especially those of the main protagonist hanging out with the ghost, but the film as a whole doesn’t really mesh. Characters are underdeveloped and what should be plot twists are telegraphed far too early. Additionally, certain plot elements are never explained and feel more like they were inserted to simply move the film along to the next scene.

Despite these faults, the way To Catch a Virgin Ghost makes the audience shift in its loyalties makes it a film worth watching.

Grade: C